The Oreo Cows at Aldermere Farm

Belted Galloway or Oreo Cow at Aldermere Farm in Rockport.

Belted Galloway or Oreo Cow at Aldermere Farm in Rockport.

A visit to our Rockland bed and breakfast is not complete without a chance to see the Oreo Cows!

Aldermere Farm has the oldest continually operated herd of Belted Galloway cows in the US.  Belted Galloways are a Scottish bred meat cow that has double layer of thick fur and very lean beef.  They were originally brought to the farm in 1953 as what was considered to be the most suitable breed for Maine’s coastal weather and rugged terrain. Belted Galloways are often called “Belties” or “Oreo Cows” from their broad solid white stripe around their center against the rest of their black color. Today Aldermere cattle have a national reputation for excellent stock. If you have seen other Belties on other farms in your travels they may have been breed here in Rockport Maine.

Aldermere Farm is a 136-acre farm that is now owned by a land conservation trust that protects the farm from development and preserves this beautiful property for generations to come.  Aldermere Farm offers year round recreational opportunities to the public like moonlight cross country skiing or snow shoeing guided tours of the farm every winter full moon in the winter (weather permitting); guided wildflower, bird and woodland walks throughout the year given by naturalists; educational opportunities to learn about sustainable farming and land conservation through their promotion of 4H groups; regular behind the scenes farm tours offered weekly July and August where you can learn about conservation efforts and programs at the farm and check out the “cow wash station” where the 4Hers shampoo and blow dry the cows for competitions; Sap to Syrup program to teach about Maple syrup production in March; and a local favorite the calf unveiling in spring held annually the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend in May; and as part of the Christmas holiday celebrations a “Beltie Holiday” where you can take your own holiday picture with an Oreo Cow!  You can follow upcoming events at the farm with their event calendar or on their Facebook page.

There is a red visitor educational barn on premise that is open throughout the summer season where volunteers can answer questions about the herd and the farm.  Otherwise the farm always tries to keep a small herd of these cows near the road so that visitors can take photos.  If you pull of the road and moo with true passion you can often get them to come closer to you.   No matter how often you see them this breed of cow just brings a smile to your lips.

Aldermere Farm is located at 70 Russell Avenue in Rockport.

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