Fact or Myth: Most Bed and Breakfasts do not have Private Baths

MYTH:   It is a myth that most bed and breakfasts do not have private baths.  According to the latest PAII industry survey, 94% of all bed and breakfast rooms in the over 17,000 bed and breakfast facilities in the US have private baths.

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Berry Manor Inn offers 3 rooms with oversized 2 person tubs and body jet showers and 5 other rooms with whirlpool/showers

Many bed and breakfasts have “repurposed” grand, historic homes as lodging facilities.  So when the buildings were originally built they were never intended to be an inn nor were they ever designed to have a private bath with every bedroom.  This is the challenge that many B&B owners face when they are repurposing a building to be a bed and breakfast inn.  To their credit, many innkeepers have come up with some very creative albeit unconventional designs to get a private bath with every bedroom.  Some rooms may have the sink and vanity or perhaps a newly added whirlpool tub in the bedroom space and only the toilet and shower behind a private door.  Sometimes the design will mean that there may actually be two separate private spaces that make up the room’s private bath – one with the sink and toilet and one with a shower.  And lastly, there may be a few inns where the private bathroom is not “en suite” but is located outside of the guestroom so perhaps you have to cross the hall to get to it. Berry Manor Inn offers a beautiful private bath in every room, so if you are look for historical character without sacrificing modern amenities, we are the best place to stay in Maine.

The positive side of a unique one of a kind property is that just like the guest rooms the private baths are not going to be cookie cutter.  There can be some really fun options to choose from if you want.  For instance, you may not have a whirlpool tub at home and always wanted to try one or perhaps you want to experience an oversized whirlpool tub for two people – many inns offer such an option.  Or you want to know what a “steam shower” is like, experience a “rain water” showerhead, walk out of the shower onto a radiant floor, or feel the power of a vertical whirlpool with a full custom body jet shower.  You certainly will not see these types of bathroom amenities offered in a lot of your chain hotel rooms. So even though the concept of a smaller B&B property may be out of your comfort zone, there could be some heavy rewards in the water sports that they offer!

If the design or layout for the private bath is not ideal or very unconventional it should be reflected in the price for the room as it compares to others on the property where the private bath is “en suite”.  Likewise, most B&B’s website will also be fairly accurate in the description or in the photos as most innkeepers do not want their guests to be unpleasantly surprised when they see their room.  Unlike a conventional motel or hotel, B&Bs are fighting the myth that most of them do not offer private baths so almost all of the B&B properties will actually describe the bathroom as part of the room description.  Certainly, if it is still not clear and you are concerned just call or email the inn and they will gladly share that information with you.  Unlike a large chain hotel or motel, typically when you are booking a room at a B&B or B&B Inn you are often booking a specific room versus just a “standard queen”.  Rated bed and breakfast inns will not be allowed a Four Diamond rating from AAA or from Select Registry for instance if there is not a private bath with each room or if the bathroom configuration is too far from a conventional layout or truly not functional. Lastly, if the private bath is too unconventional to the point that it is not functional or presents itself as a problem, you will be able to read about it as a trend on the reviews for the B&B.

So cross the myth of most B&Bs having all of their guest rooms sharing the same bath off your list of excuses not to enjoy the unique, personal touches and exceptional services offered by a quality B&B inn. Think small property and think fun with the choice of bath amenities B&Bs can offer. Really when was the last time that you and your partner actually wanted to spend quality time together in the bathroom?  Book now and this will become your new truth.



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