2019 Maine Lobster Festival

Want Lob-STAH?? Rockland, as the self-proclaimed Lobster Capital of the World – has it! This year’s Maine Lobster Festival 2019 will be held Wednesday,  July 31st through Sunday, August 4th, 2019 in Rockland Maine. This year is the 72nd year for this annual event which has gained national recognition as one of the top summer events in the country. During the five days of the Maine Lobster Festival over 26,000 pounds of mouth-watering freshly caught Maine lobster is served with over 1 ton of melted butter to over 80,000 attendees!!

The first Maine Lobster Festival was held in 1947 in Camden, Maine as a one day festival. The festival supposedly featured “all of the lobster you can eat for $1”. This aggressive marketing effort and the mess of lobster after the parade caused the original promoters to decide not to pursue the event for a second year. Instead a group from the neighboring Rockland community decided to put on the 2nd annual Lobster Festival and the festival has remained in Rockland ever since. Today, in addition to the “Eating Tent” serving the State’s favorite crustacean (single, double and triple lobster dinners), the Maine Lobster Festival features national entertainment, local Maine arts & crafts, carnival rides & games, King Neptune and his court, the coronation of the year’s Sea Goddess (scholarship), tours of Navy and Coast Guard ships, marine display and touch tank, the great lobster crate races and a fabulous community parade with floats, fire trucks, bands and the festival’s mascot – Rocky the Lobster.

Rockland Maine is the self-proclaimed Lobster Capital of the world for being the host of the Maine Lobster Festival for 70 years, having the world’s largest lobster cooker, inventing the lobster roll and having some of the best waters for lobster fishing. You want lobster we got it – our restaurants serve lobster omelets or lobster egg Benedict for breakfast; lobster rolls, lobster BLT, lobster chowder or lobster stew for lunch and steamed lobster, baked stuffed lobster, lobster mac’n cheese, or lobster salad for dinner. The 2012 Maine Lobster Chef of the Year, Kerry Altiero, has his restaurant, Café Miranda, here in Rockland too. Our stores sell lobster t-shirts, lobster shell art, lobster bibs, lobster puzzles, chocolate lobsters and lobster hats.

Rockland Area Lodging: room-1-1

With over 80,000 people attending the Lobster Festival the secret is to make your plans early as lodging within walking distance of the festival like the Berry Manor Inn will sell out by early spring; and lodging a short drive from the festival will sell out early in the summer season. The local chamber of commerce does try to keep track of availability or you can check out availability at the Historic Inns of Rockland. The Lobster Festival always offers free off-site parking and shuttle service to the Festival grounds from several satellite locations.

Dates for the Maine Lobster Festival 2019, 2020 and 2021

The Lobster Festival is always held Wednesday through Sunday for the 5 day period that contains the first Saturday of August. So when August 1st is a Thursday like in 2019,  than the festival will start Wednesday, July 31st and run through Sunday, August 4th. Likewise, if the first Saturday in August falls on the 1st like in 2020 than the festival will start Wednesday, July 29th and run through Sunday, August 2nd. For 2019, the dates are Wednesday,July 31st through Sunday, August 4th.  For 2020, the dates will be Wednesday, July 29th through Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 and for 2021, the dates will be Wednesday, August 4th through Sunday, August 8th, 2021.

Calendar of Events and Festival Schedule

Check out the official website of the Lobster Festival at www.mainelobsterfestival.com . They will keep the prior year’s schedule on the site until early spring and then update it to the current year. As the headliner entertainment is lined up they will update the page. For up to the minute information, fun facts and perhaps cancellations for lodging in the area follow the Lobster Festival on FaceBook.

Best Days to Attend the Festival

Maine lobster festival 2014The Festival begins at 12 noon on Wednesday with King Neptune and his court arriving by Coast Guard Boat to the Rockland’s Public Landing to official open the Festival at the Eating Tent. In addition to the events and entertainment venues that are booked everyday of the festival, Wednesday night is always the coronation of the Sea Goddess, Saturday morning at 10am is the big parade (not to be missed) and Sunday is Community Day with free admission and the day of the great Lobster crate races which are a hoot to watch. My recommendation is to stay in the area Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights so that you can catch the main entertainment, the parade and free admission day with the crate races. Another option if you are too late to make reservations for “prime time” this year is to book Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights in the area. Enjoy the Lobster Festival all day Sunday (free day) and then enjoy all that the Rockland/Camden area has to offer like the museums, wineries, shops and lighthouses without all of the crowds. You will still get to enjoy all the lobster you want at the local restaurants and lobster pounds. If this schedule won’t work try Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at a local inn to catch the opening festivities of the Festival on Wednesday but also enjoy all that there is to do in the area without all of the festival crowds on Monday and Tuesday.

Don’t worry if the dates for the Lobster Festival do not work out for you this year just book the days that work for you and we will help you find all of the fresh Maine Lobster you want – all year round!!!!

Discernible Palettes Request Only Maine Lobsters

In 2013, Maine Lobster earned a “Marine Stewardship Councils Sustainable Seafood Certification”. This certification recognizes that every Maine lobster is harvested in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. This actually is not surprising considering that Maine’s lobster industry has been practicing sustainable fishing since as early as 1872 when the first law was passed banning the harvest of egg-bearing female lobsters and in 1874 the first laws regulating the minimize size of lobster were enacted.

If you haven’t tried a fresh Maine lobster dinner right off of the boat than you have not really tasted the world’s best Lobster!!!

Join us at our Rockland, Maine bed and breakfast for your Maine Lobster Festival getaway.