Captain Jack’s Authentic Lobster Adventure

Captain Jack's Authentic Lobster Adventure

How a real Maine Lobsterman looks – Capt. Jack’s Lobster Adventure.

Catch a glimpse of the life of a real Maine lobsterman when you hop on aboard Captain Jack’s Lobster tour.  The boat, Captain Jack, is one of the oldest working fiberglass lobster boats around and at the helm; Captain Steve Hale is probably equally as crusty!  One of our top recommended top attractions in Maine – an authentic adventure you don’t want to miss! Although there are other lobster boats offering tours in other harbors of Maine, what makes Captain Jack’s unique is that it is a true working lobster boat.  There are no stadium seating, no televisions, no microphones just a thin cushion on a bench at the back of the boat making it an authentic lobster  experience.

The 75 minute tours run several times a day from mid to late May (weather dependent)

lobster tour maine

Captain Jack’s Lobster Boat Tours out of Middle Pier in Rockland Maine

through mid to late October. The tours are Monday through Saturday as in July and August it is against the law in Maine to lobster on Sundays.  He will pull traps within the inner harbor of the Breakwater and talk to you about the strict lobster laws that Maine has enforced for over 100 years that has helped the lobster industry to be certified as sustainable fishery.

You will learn the difference between soft and hard shelled lobsters, how to tell a male from a female lobster and why they call part of the lobster trap “the bedroom”.  Bring your questions or just set back and take it all in.  Tickets are $30 adult $18 children and it is well worth it.

Because you stay within the inner harbor inside the Breakwater it is protected waters and depending on the wind and wind direction it is pretty calm.  Also, you will always be able to see land.  These two factors usually allow people that normally get sea-sick or are concerned about getting motion sickness to still enjoy this boat ride.  If you are sensitive or concerned let Steve know before you take off from the docks and he will be extra careful and/or will take you back to the dock if you get uncomfortable.  Also, unless you dive into the bait bucket you will not get off the boat smelling like fish nor should you get wet on the boat.  You will be fine wearing your normal day’s clothes and go off and enjoy the day after without people knowing you were on a lobster boat by your smell!

Midcoast Maine lighthouses

The Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

In addition to learning about lobster fishing in Maine patrons will also be able to see the Rockland Breakwater and Lighthouse from the water which affords a different and beautiful view of this engineering feat.  Sometimes you can see Owls Head Lighthouse or one of Maine’s newest lighthouses, Rockland Harbor Southwest.  Keep your eyes out as perhaps you will also be able to see other marine birds and seals on your trip.

At the end of your excursion, you can purchase fresh lobsters or crabs that you helped to catch at boat prices.  Supposedly in the summer of 2014, Steve will add a little cooker on land and you can cook them right off the boat and enjoy them at a picnic table or you always have the option of taking them to Jesse’s market and cooking them.  If all of that sounds like too much work, take a short drive to Ship to Shore Lobster Company in Owls Head harbor which is a working lobster pound, pick out your freshly caught lobsters and eat them at picnic tables on the dock while the other lobstermen bring in their hauls.

If you want to enjoy more lobster stuff including Captain Jack’s and Ship to Shore Lobster than

Ship to Shore Lobster Company

Ship to Shore Lobster Company – enjoy freshly caught lobster on the docks

Check out the Real Maine Lobster package or the Lobster, Lighthouse and Luxury package offered at the Berry Manor Inn.




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