Suzuki’s Sushi Bar

419 Main Street
Reservations Strongly Recommended

Best sushi restaurants in Maine

Suzuki’s Sushi on Main Street Rockland

Located at 419   Main Street in downtown Rockland, Suzuki’s Sushi Bar is considered by many sushi aficionados to be best sushi restaurants in Maine, as even the most self-proclaimed die hard sushi snobs are always impressed with the fresh local fare offered.

Opened in 2006, Keiko Suzuki Steinberger is a self-trained sushi chef.  She hails from a small village on the northeast coast of Japan well recognized for its fine sushi. Although traditionally most sushi chefs are not women (supposedly because their hands are considered to be too warm) the entire crew at Suzuki’s is made up of talented women and their passion is to serve authentic Japanese food made with the freshest of fresh ingredients.

The small restaurant on Main Street does not have any grills or fryers and steams or simmers all of the dishes.  The menu will vary with the season and always is sourced locally.  On some nights the mackerel has been caught by her husband and on any given week she posts in the local paper for local fisherman and foragers to bring her herring, smelts, squid, octopus, uni, ankimo, sea veggies, mushrooms, wild roots and greens.  The menu may not be extensive but the freshness and innovative flavors of each dish more than offsets that.

The restaurant only has about ten tables and a sushi bar that seats another 4 people. Like many of the restaurant around the area it is small.  Although on a rare occasion you may be able to walk in to the restaurant at the beginning or end of the night and get a table, reservations are absolutely recommended (207-596-7447) to ensure that you get to experience this wonderful place.  The restaurant opens for dinner service at 5pm and serves year round Tuesday through Saturday in season and Wednesday through Saturday during the quieter months of the year.  The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to guide the less experienced sushi diners through the options on the menu. A favorite for many is the Omakase special (Japansese for Chef Selection) which is available for one or two people and offers an opportunity to try several of the house specialties for the evening. For the quality and freshness of the food the price for the Omakase special is considered remarkable and would probably cost three times as much in New York or San Francisco.

Suzuki’s Sushi is also one of the restaurant choices for the Winter Dine Around Package offered at the Berry Manor Inn. Suzuki’s Sushi is a stellar Japanese restaurant and a major contributor to the amazing food scene of the Rockland and Camden area of Midcoast Maine.

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