Maine Lobster Festival Lodging in Rockland Maine

Maine Lobster Festival Lodging - The Berry Manor Inn

Walk to the Lobster Festival from Berry Manor Inn.

So you have decided that you would like to come and visit Rockland, Maine for the Maine Lobster Festival this year.  Your options for accommodations will greatly depend on when you made the decision to come and visit.  Here are some suggestions for finding accommodations in the area.

  1. Book your lodging early.  The Maine Lobster Festival is always scheduled for the Wednesday through Sunday that surround the first Saturday in August.  Most B&B’s, hotels and motels will take advanced reservations with a deposit about one year in advance. Booking early for the Festival will give you the best choice for accommodations for your budget.
  2. Book your lodging early.  This fact warrants repeating.
  3. Book your lodging early.  Have you made your reservations yet?
  4. There are several great B&Bs within walking distance of the Maine Lobster Festival grounds.  This will enable you not to have to deal with trying to find parking and will allow you to come and go from the Festival as you please. For accommodations and availability go to .
  5. The Penobscot Regional Chamber of Commerce also keeps track of cancellations and vacancies for the Lobster Festival.  It is launching an availability calendar spring of 2014 that will allow you to view all participating accommodations in the area and see if they have availability.  If you have been shut out of accommodations keep calling the chamber or checking their website to see if there has been a cancellation. The Chamber phone number is 207-596-0376 or
  6. If you have found the B&B or Inn that you want to stay at and they are currently sold out, ask to be put on their waiting list.  Give them both your cell number contact and an email contact so they can notify you as soon as a cancellation occurs.  Given the sheer volume of travelers to the area and life the way it is there are often many cancellations and changes to reservations prior to the actual start of the festival so you may get lucky.
  7. If you are a Face Book user, like the Maine Lobster Festival page, the Historic Inns of Rockland page and the FaceBook page of any local accommodations that you are interested in staying at.  All of them will often post when they have had a cancellation and a room has opened.
  8. The closest communities to Rockland that offer accommodations include Thomaston, the towns of the St. George Pennisula, Rockport, Camden, and Lincolnville.  The Newcastle and Damariscotta area are about ½ hour south and Belfast is about 45 minutes north.  The farther away from Rockland that you travel the later the accommodations will sell out. BUT, it is Maine and it is August so start looking early.
  9. If you cannot find any accommodations in the area for the Lobster Festival and want to come for the day, consider taking the Maine Eastern Railroad from Brunswick (connects to Amtrack Downeaster) or hop on from the Bath, Wiscasset or Newcastle stations.  The Maine Eastern Railroad will get you to Rockland at 11am daily and departs at 8pm daily for all 5 days of the Festival.
  10. Missed out on the Maine Lobster Festival this year?  Not to worry you can enjoy fresh Maine lobster year round in Rockland, Maine and we are accepting reservations for next year as we speak

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